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Dr. Ron Kochen

I wish I had known then what I now know…there was no reason to have suffered the way I did.
Thornhill Chiropractor, Dr. Ron Kochen

Dr. Ron Kochen

Lifting one too many boxes at my summer job, I was unable to move. My medical doctor examined me and suggested physiotherapy, yet after four weeks, there was little change. I was then referred by my Mother to a local chiropractor and I decided to give chiropractic a try. Wow! What a difference. I wish I had been recommended to a chiropractor earlier.

That’s when I began to explore the possibility of becoming a chiropractor. I had been brought up in the medical model of healthcare, yet chiropractic felt more in line with my belief systems.

I was born and raised in Toronto graduating from the University of Toronto in 1976 with a 4 year Bachelor of Science degree then continuing on with my Chiropractic education graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in May of 1980. I have been in private practice ever since.

Through the years I realized how powerful a profession I had chosen or perhaps, had chosen me. I began to realize that I could change lives with a chiropractic adjustment allowing my patients to express their full potential. Allowing them to be the very best they can be!


I married by wife Susan after my first year at CMCC and I’m happy to say that we’ve celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. We have three great children, Ryan 31, Shauna 28 and Josh 25. My children have been under chiropractic care from day one and continue to live a chiropractic lifestyle. They didn’t get sick like the rest of their friends did. My kids always knew that if their nervous system was clear of interference then their bodies had the ability to heal itself without drugs or surgery.

I enjoy the art of cooking, I love having friends over to celebrate with a great meal I’ve worked on for hours, I enjoy the creative side of cooking. I guess it was no accident that my eldest, Ryan has become a chef.

I get adjusted a minimum of once a week allowing me to express my best.

I begin each day with meditation, so I can become centered and begin to listen to that little voice within. I try to be an example to my patients, by living the chiropractic lifestyle.

To me there’s nothing better than improving my patients’ lives through chiropractic care — I love watching them experience a new sense of well being and wholeness. Or perhaps the little boy who wets his bed and after a couple adjustments sleeps in a dry bed. These are the things that keeps my fire burning for what I do!

I look forward to each day with enthusiasm even after 30 years in practice. I don’t consider what I do, a job, I consider it to be what I was meant to do with my life.

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